Delivering customer service excellence


A key factor in our success is the delivery of exceptional customer service, ensuring that we meet and exceed their needs and expectations. We achieve this by maintaining a number of systems that complement our standard business activities and enhance the customer experience.

Customer portal

All our customers are provided with a unique customer code and a password that allows them to log in to a dedicated area of our website and access details of their current and past orders, any related test certificates and details of their account.

This online system also provides access to our pricing calculator – a valuable tool used for commercial support at customer sites.

Same day service

We pride ourselves on our reputation for delivery lead times. We achieve this through careful planning and scheduling of production and testing, with the objective of completing all testing quickly and efficiently, without compromising on quality.

We offer a premium same day service, in order to support customers with time-critical needs. Samples received at our premises before 9am will be processed and tested, and results returned by 5pm.

Not all testing is achievable within 24 hours due to the nature of the test parameters, but further premium and priority services can be arranged with prior notice, and we’ll do everything possible to meet your needs.

I.T. Systems & Control

Using bespoke software, our computer system offers a robust production processing platform, Providing data security, test results transparency and the ability to analyse data.

Third Party Inspection

Witness testing and third party inspection provide our customers with the confidence that test procedures are carried out in compliance with industry standards.

We have daily contact with a number of third party inspection companies such as LRQA, Lloyds Marine.  Det Norske Veritas and Bureau Veritas, and regular contact with many other witness authorities too.

We also welcome direct customers and end users to witness testing.  We can accommodate onsite and remote inspection to suit.

Test piece collection

We offer a test piece collection service in Sheffield, the surrounding areas and the Midlands.

Certificate Validation

Ensuring the security of our test results, all our certificates are produced with a hexadecimal code that allows the holder of the certificate to check the authenticity of the results. A feature used and applauded by our customers and worldwide end users.

Specialist Machining

Our specialist machining department gives us the capability of turning, milling, and grinding test specimens to standards and modified specifications from a wide range of materials. Our skilled engineers’ machine products for research and development purposes and for tooling set-ups by clients.

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