Experts in Mechanical, Metallurgical & Analytical testing services

We offer the following Metallurgical Tests

Since establishing our Metallurgical division in 1992, Special Testing has grown to offer a large number of Metallurgical Tests from our Sheffield Laboratory.  We can offer the following:

Microstructural assessment (Often referred to as a Microstructure Check or Micro)

Grain Size Evaluation (Using either linear intercept method, or comparative method)

Cleanness Test

Macro Test

Ferrite Count (Phase counting)

Ferritiscope Testing

Inclusion Count

Decarb check

General corrosion testing

G48 Corrosion Test

G28 Corrosion Test

Micro Hardness Test

Case depth determination


For certain metallurgical analysis requirements, we also have access to scanning electron microscopes (SEM) via our extensive links with Sheffield University.

In addition, we also offer a full metallurgical failure investigation service. This service can be used on a "for information only" basis where failure analysis can lead to manufacturing or metallurgical improvements, or in the case of disputes we can also offer expert opinion for legal representation.


This list is not exhaustive, please contact us if your required test is not listed, as we can still help.




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